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Testing and Diagnostics

Battery & Accessory Installations

We install all types of batteries. Flooded cell, VRLA, Lithium Ion, Nickel-Cadmium, are most common. Our team of installers is familiar with all and experienced in installation of all related components such as racks, shelves and spill containment systems.


Testing and Diagnostics

Scheduled Maintenance

Systems can fail suddenly, but in most cases the failures can be avoided if the system is monitored and maintained on a regular basis. Our experts can design and implement a scheduled maintenance program for your power system needs.

Testing and Diagnostics

IEEE Capacity Testing

Whether you want to know that your new battery is installed at rated capacity or if you simply need to know how long it will back-up your load, we can provide capacity testing to give you the data you need.


Testing and Diagnostics

NERC Battery Compliance Program

NERC Reliability Standard PRC-005-2 mandates a minimum level of records to be maintained for testing your substation battery systems. This includes all Vented Lead Acid, Valve Regulated Lead Acid, and Nickel Cadmium systems. We provide an all-in-one solution to keep your stations in compliance as well as guidance on recommended practices.

Testing and Diagnostics


Keeping our environment clean is the responsibility of each of us. We owe that to future generations. As a company we only use approved recyclers and monitor their approval status. We provide documentation from cradle to grave for your protection.

To learn more about how modern lead batteries are innovative, reliable, and sustainable, view this brief video from Battery Council International / Essential Energy Everyday.

Testing and Diagnostics

Emergency Service

Emergencies do happen. Our service department is available 24/7/365. When that unexpected situation arises contact us for an immediate response.

Testing and Diagnostics

DC Engineering & Consulting

Our core business is DC power. We fully understand all types of DC power applications and are happy to assist you in your DC power design.

Testing and Diagnostics

AC Services

We hold electrical contractor licenses in several states and employ master electricians and journeyman electricians. Let us help you with your AC needs.

Testing and Diagnostics

Generator Installations

Our licensed electricians are experienced in generator installations in all types of locations, including data centers, cell sites, and commercial businesses.

Testing and Diagnostics

Cabinet and Building Installations

Our experienced technicians provide transportation and installation of a variety of cabinets and buildings at remote locations.

Testing and Diagnostics


As a user of DC power systems you need to have an understating of how all components work together as well as how to spot problems before they become emergencies. We have several training programs available for all groups of users within your work environment. We offer training in at your facility, in one of ours, and/or online.

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