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We offer a full product portfolio of accessories that relate to your batteries, such as safety equipment, testing equipment and environmental products.


Enviroguard provides customers with a complete line of safety equipment and other supplies for the battery room. Their products include safety and compliance items including spill containment, spill clean-up kits, protective eye wear, tools, hydrogen detectors, battery watering carts, and much more.

Ramsey Group, Inc. manufactures and distributes acid spill kits, neutralizing and adsorbing industrial battery cleaners, containment systems, and safety wear kits for forklift batteries and industrial batteries used in motive power applications and stationary applications.

Midtronics is one of the leaders in stationary power and transportation battery management, Midtronics provides critical power solutions for a variety of industry applications. Through their patented conductance-based technology, Midtronics looks to set the standard for battery state-of-health management worldwide.

Alber is one of the industry leaders with storage battery monitoring and test equipment. Their product selection includes battery testers, data acquisition systems, battery continuous load units, multimeters, and battery monitoring systems amongst other items.

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