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Motive Power Chargers

From 6 volt trickle charging to 80 volt Fast Charging and everything in between, Swift Industrial Power has the right charger for your application. Ferro Resonant, Controlled Ferro, SCR, High Frequency, and Opportunity and Fast Chargers, Swift has it all. Let us help you choose the most efficient and most effective charger to meet your application needs.


Energy Master

Our own proprietary industrial lift battery charger, made exclusively for Swift to ensure proper recharging of industrial batteries regardless of the application. Ferro Resonant, Controlled Ferro Resonant, and High Frequency models available.

(Lead-Acid) These chargers operate with highly integrated circuit technology with timed power semiconductors. User-friendly, compact and robust housings ensure trouble-free operation and facilitate easy operation. The charging circuitry, which is controlled by a microprocessor, also monitors the charge process and ensures an optimally charged battery.

Stanbury Electrical’s complete line of Super Efficient high frequency chargers and GREEN chargers.

The TriCOM® ion Charger is controlled by the Triathlon® Lithium Ion battery through CAN communication to assure the
perfect charge.

World-class energy-efficient battery charging solutions for use with motive power equipment employed by the material handling industry.

Premium Opportunity and Fast Chargers for the most demanding of applications.

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