Wireless Services

Battery & Accessory Installations

We install all types of batteries. Flooded cell, VRLA, Lithium Ion, Nickel-Cadmium, are most common. Our team of installers is familiar with all and experienced in installation of all related components such as racks, shelves and spill containment systems.

Scheduled Maintenance

Systems can fail suddenly, but in most cases the failures can be avoided if the system is monitored and maintained on a regular basis. Our experts can design and implement a scheduled maintenance program for your power system needs.

IEEE Capacity Testing

Whether you want to know that your new battery is installed at rated capacity or if you simply need to know how long it will back-up your load, we can provide capacity testing to give you the data you need.


Keeping our environment clean is the responsibility of each of us. We owe that to future generations. As a company we only use approved recyclers and monitor their approval status. We provide documentation from cradle to grave for your protection.

To learn more about how modern lead batteries are innovative, reliable, and sustainable, view this brief video from Battery Council International / Essential Energy Everyday.


Emergency Service

Emergencies do happen. Our service department is available 24/7/365. When that unexpected situation arises contact us for an immediate response.

DC Engineering & Consulting

Our core business is DC power. We fully understand all types of DC power applications and are happy to assist you in your DC power design.

A large blue and white cabinet with many doors.

DC Power System Installations

DC power systems have many components designed to work as an integral system. These include batteries, rectifiers, power distribution components, conversion products, as well as monitoring products. Our team is familiar with all aspects of DC power systems. We provide installation services of all types and adhere to industry standards.

A generator sitting on top of concrete near a fence.

Generator Installations

Our licensed electricians are experienced in generator installations in all types of locations, including data centers, cell sites, and commercial businesses.

A large metal cabinet sitting on top of cement.

Cabinet and Building Installations

Our experienced technicians provide transportation and installation of a variety of cabinets and buildings at remote locations.

Small Cells & DAS

Because of the exponential growth of wireless technology, there is a never-ending need to expand service to all areas.  We handle any small cell or DAS requirements.

A black cabinet with a large display screen.

UPS Installations

To maintain data integrity, most data storage systems must have quality utility-grade power at all times.  Many users provide the additional backup of an interruptible power system.  Our technicians are experienced in installing these systems.

Site Audit

Many wireless sites are occupied by several providers. Technology is ever changing and these sites are continuously being upgraded. We offer audit/survey services which will ensure that you have the latest data about the site you are about to upgrade. We provide site surveys, CAD services, data upload services as well as assistance with your site design.

Equipment Installations

Our experienced technicians are available to install any onsite equipment in your shelters, cabinets, and on your towers.

Building Maintenance

Our experienced technicians are available to install any onsite equipment in your shelters, cabinets, and on your towers.

HVAC Installations

Air handling is an extremely important part of maintaining the sophisticated equipment in wireless environments. This equipment must be running at all times. It is critical that replacements are handled timely and efficiently. Our crews are available to take care of your needs.


As a user of DC power systems, you need to have an understanding of how all components work together as well as how to spot problems before they become emergencies. From routine maintenance and watering to troubleshooting, we have several training programs available for all groups of users within your work environment. We offer training at your facility, in one of ours, and/or online.