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Testing and Diagnostics

Scheduled Maintenance

Your industrial battery fleet comprises a huge investment. Make sure you get the most out of it. Periodic maintenance beyond watering is essential to maximize your battery life and minimizing down time. Catch problems before they side-line equipment and correct it now before the “fix” is extensive and expensive.

Swift Industrial Power can tailor a Scheduled Maintenance Program that not only fits your operation, but fits your budget as well. Starting at around $30 a battery, you can easily understand how. Accompanied by detailed, yet understandable reports, allowing you instant access to understand your battery fleet’s condition and health. A proper scheduled maintenance program pays for itself over and over again. Let a Swift expert assist you in setting up the right Scheduled Maintenance program for you.

Testing and Diagnostics


As a user of DC power systems you need to have an understating of how all components work together as well as how to spot problems before they become emergencies. From routine maintenance and watering to troubleshooting, we have several training programs available for all groups of users within your work environment. We offer training in at your facility, in one of ours, and/or online.

Testing and Diagnostics

Fleet Analysis

Do you have enough power to properly run your electric lift fleet? Do you have too much? Swift Industrial Power can determine exactly how much power your lift fleet uses and then translate that into recommendations on how best to supply that power. Power Use Studies take the guess work and opinion out of answering the question, “Do I have enough batteries, the right sizes of batteries, and the proper chargers and charging techniques?”

With this information in hand, explained in an easily understandable format, you can get your fleet “right sized” and put a good plan in place to make sure it stays that way. Contact your Swift Industrial Power Specialist today or click here to take the guess work out of powering your electric lift fleet.

Testing and Diagnostics

Repairs & Refurbishing

It is essential to keep your industrial battery fleet safe and operating at peak performance. From an on-site cable replacement to a cell replacement with “the works,” our certified and experienced technicians can help you extend the service life of your equipment and keep it OSHA compliant.

Often we can take batteries others say must be replaced and can economically repair them to get more life and better operation out of your aging battery fleet.




Testing and Diagnostics

Testing & Diagnostics

Your electric lift fleet can’t operate at optimum performance if either the charger or the battery is functioning outside of factory specifications – whatever the reason. Swift Industrial Power has the technology, equipment, training, and experience to test every aspect of your motive power system to diagnose and correct any possible issue. You have a tremendous investment in your electric lift fleet. Keep it fully powered and operating at its optimum efficiency. From single battery capacity tests and output ratings for chargers to complete fleet analysis, Swift can help you get the most out of your motive power fleet. Clean, green, renewable energy.

Testing and Diagnostics

Full Maintenance & Watering

Industrial Lead-Acid Lift Batteries require routine and scheduled maintenance to maximize asset life, lower overall operating costs, and to maximize “up” time. But this is one of the most neglected aspects of operating an electric lift truck fleet.

Get all the advantages of proper battery maintenance without the hassles. Allow Swift’s trained specialist to provide all the maintenance required to properly take care of your fleet. From weekly watering, to specific gravity and voltage analysis, to emergency repairs, Swift has Full Maintenance Programs that are much more affordable than one may think. Please give your Swift Representative a call today for more information.

Testing and Diagnostics


Keeping our environment clean is the responsibility of each of us. We owe that to future generations. As a company we only use approved recyclers and monitor their approval status. We provide documentation from cradle to grave for your protection.

To learn more about how modern lead batteries are innovative, reliable, and sustainable, view this brief video from Battery Council International / Essential Energy Everyday.

Testing and Diagnostics


Do you have a short term, long term, or occasional need for forklift batteries, chargers, or facilities cleaning equipment and ownership doesn’t make economic sense? Contact Swift today for information and availability of our rental equipment.

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