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Motive Power Batteries

Swift Industrial Power sells and services a full line of Industrial batteries for electric lift trucks and AGV applications. Whether your requirement is for traditional flooded, lithium, low maintenance, maintenance-free, or rapid charge batteries, we have a variety of quality products to meet your needs. Please allow one of our applications specialists to survey your operation today to assist you in applying the latest and best technologies to power your material handling fleet.


Energy Master

Swift’s own proprietary industrial battery, manufactured to our exacting specifications that guarantees outstanding performance and maximum battery life.

Super quality lift batteries made in the USA and supported by a nationwide network of affiliated dealers.

TRIATHLON Lithium-Ion batteries have been developed and constructed for safe, reliable use in electric fork lifts and pallet jacks. TRIATHLON battery systems are exclusively designed with high performance Lithium-Ion cells which fulfill all requirements for heavy duty industrial motive power use.

TRIATHLON® Lead-Acid batteries utilize the highly sophisticated European tubular plate technology with flexible bolt-on inter-cell cable connectors. TRIATHLON® tubular batteries are designed specifically for all motive power heavy duty applications and multi-shift operations.

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